Dimbulla 11’s Rugby

The Dimbulla Estate, is not just creating waves in the Australian Wine industry, by winning best wine of the Hunter Valley show, gold medal, but also in the rugby world.

The owner of Dimbulla Estate, Dilip Kumar, former Chairman of the NSW Rugby Union, Australian Rugby Union and also a Former Member of the World Rugby Board, is a passionate supporter of fast, free flowing rugby, and is fully behind the Rugby 11’s concept. 11’s Rugby aims to bring a shorter form of the game, into mainstream rugby circles. The Dimbulla Phuket Rugby 11’s organisation is proud to implement this new format at its annual event, and look forward to seeing the action & excitement, that having a rampaging No 8(6), will bring, to the Tournament.

Mike Penistone, Rugby 11’s coaching consultant at Phuket 11s had this to say “The Phuket 11s opens up a whole new range of playing options. The additional forward, at the back of the scrum, now has a running, passing and support option. His/her relationship with the scrum half, both in attack and defence, will challenge coaches to be creative in how to use them. Running can be fast and into space, passing can be directly to the back line or more intricate with the scrum half. In support of the ball the new forward can ensure quick ball at the breakdown.

In defence, the new forward can defend the blind side of the scrum, the scrum half the open side. Selection also becomes an issue; who do you play at the back of the scrum, athleticism so important? All in all, 11’s will produce a faster, more exciting, and competitive game.

Are you up for it.

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