SCC 2022 Champions

Singapore Cricket Club win the 2022 Aussie Bar Phuket International Rugby Tens in a thrilling final against the Bangkok Bangers Colts 12-5

One Foot In The Grave O45’s Champions

Dubai Leg Ends

Men’s Athena Siam Coffin Dodgers O35’s Champions

Old Bangkok Bangers

Men’s Athena Siam Coffin Dodgers O35’s Plate Winners

Phuket Viagrabonds

Men’s Open Shield Winners

Singapore Bucks Bin Juice

Ladies Open Champions

Bangers Belles

Men’s Open Bowl Winners

Chiang Mai Cobras

Men’s Open Plate Winners

Phuket Vagabonds

Men’s Open Champions

Singapore SCC Rugby

Men’s O 45’s Player of the Tournament

Tomonari Furukawa – Asian Japanese Dragons

Athena Siam Coffin Dodgers Player of the Tournament

Darryn Mathee – Old Bangkok Bangers

Men’s Open Player of the Tournament

Robb Falls – Bangkok Bangers Colts

Ladies Player of the Tournament

Jane Cathery – Bangkok Bangers Belles

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