Bangers on Bikes


The Originals-Bob Pearson, Jean-Francois Klentzi & Peter Burgess

What can you say about the The Old Bangkok Bangers RFC and their Bangers On Bikes? Well…….…lots really………..
Not since Schlonger’s trip to Pat Cotters wedding across the mountains on a Honda Dream has anything so audacious been planned by men in a pub in connection with two wheels and charity. (For the record, Pat’s wedding was charity on Kai’s behalf).

And so the concept of BANGERS ON BIKES was born. Designed to raise money for the Asia Centre Foundation the key beneficiary of the Phuket Tens it was the brainchild of Bob Pearson, Scot and overall friendless person.
In the first year he roped in his Bangers Club Coach Peter Burgess (NZ) and his club Captain Jean-Francois (Jeff) Klentzi (FRA) to make the ride from Bangkok to Phuket to raise as much money as they could for beer…… I mean charity.
The aim was to depart from Bangkok the morning after the Bangkok Tens to ride the 850+ km to Phuket, the home of this tournament.
Huge numbers of training hours were logged on the roads east of Bangkok in preparation were nearly as tough as the pain endured by others listening to them whine about the effort required.

It was a success and in the first year they raised 350,000 B.
Not content with feeling that bad a single time in their lives, they decided to do it again.
In 2011 they made additions to the team. They recruited a serious cyclist in Frenchman Patrick Bernard, a Triathlete; Richard Ford (NZ) and two fat men from the pub Martin Hodgson (SCO) and Richard Folds (ENG).
It was touch and go for Bob who by this time had given up rugby due to a slight knock on the knee (ruptured ACL); but even with one fit leg and a piece of overcooked spaghetti hanging from the other side of his trousers he got himself ready for the trip in time.

Left to Right: 2011 – Eddie Evans (Canadian International), Richard Folds, Patrick Bernard, Bob Pearson, Jean-Francois Klentzi, Martin Hodgson, Breyton Paulse (SA International) & Peter Burgess.

So again a day after playing in the Bangkok Tens they set off on a trip that became legendary for Foldsy’s baboon like bottom and Martin’s leisurely stroll up Karon Hill.
Again, it was a success raising 410,000 B
And now we are in 2012 and once again the Bangers on Bikes have completed their ride.
This year they added the infamous Trefor Day (ENG), Mr Heineken himself Andrew Lamont (NZ) and 3 tourists from China: former Banger & soft ice hockey player Frosty (USA) & 2 of his mates, Stephen Pennicott and Gervais Lavoie  (USA).

To date they have done 10 trips and raised well over 3 million baht for the Asia Center Foundation. What an achievement lads well done !

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