2021 Phuket 10’s Update

22nd Phuket International Rugby 10s

We are in full on mode for getting the  Phuket 10’s up and running again in 2021.

Dates are
  • 12th November 2021 – Athena Siam O 35s & O 45s
  • 13th November 2021 – Men’s & Women’s Open
  • 14th November 2021 Men’s & Women’s Knockouts & Finals. The vets finals will also be played on Sunday

This year we will be using the facilities at the Allan Cooke Ground (ACG) which is a lot closer to town. www.acgphuket.com

  • Men’s Open – ( Max 16 Teams )
  • Athena Siam Coffin Dodgers – ( Max 12 Teams )
  • One Foot in the Grave O 45’s – ( Max 6 Teams )
  • Women’s Open – ( Max 8 Teams )

There is still time to get your team Registrations in. They can be made at https://phuket10s.com/registration/

As Covid 19 won the 2020 event we are looking at doubling our efforts to help raise funds for the Asia Center Foundation. The ACF have continued to support the underprivileged kids in their care as well as helping with the added burden of trying to feed and clothe their families. It has been a harrowing time for many around the world and here is an opportunity to make a difference again through rugby. We have a list of options below that Roelien from the ACF has provided. If you can help in anyway it will make a huge difference.


  • Equipment: New computers, printers, fans, desks, chairs, kitchen equipment.
  • Used items in working condition: mixers, cake pans, gas stoves, plastic chairs, toys, educational materials etc. that could be re-used or sold
  • Used clothing that can still be worn (not warm clothes)
    Skills: Donating time and experience to come and train ACF staff or children with a
  • specific skill or on a relevant topic (Leadership, technology, photography, web design, social media and communication, classroom control and management, discipline, sport activities, play based learning)
  • Sponsorship: Sponsoring a child in pre-school (THB5000) primary, high school and vocational college (THB10 000) or tertiary education with THB25 000 per year
    Support the health care and emergency outreach program: B1 000 per month per
    family provide dry food supplies and hygiene products
  • General donations: Cash (monthly/once off cash amount) used for unforeseen emergencies, vehicle insurance, vehicle maintenance, general maintenance, stationary, food etc.

For more information you can check out https://asiacenterfoundation.org/ or contact Roelien direct at roemuthai@gmail.com

Phuket on the whole has suffered with the hotels, bars, restaurant’s and tourism businesses especially hard hit so the Phuket 10’s will help revive the economy and give these businesses a boost.

Unfortunately the Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas have decided to pull their sponsorship so we are left without one. If your interested in supporting local rugby drop us a line at phuketrugby@gmail.com

On another note the Phuket 10s organising team will be expanding their field of expertise by hosting a 10s tournament in Chiang Mai 23rd 24th October 2021. There will be a Men’s & Women’s Open competitions and a limited Vets Competition. Anyone interested in that tournament let me know.

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