Team Mascots

Since the game of rugby began all those years ago with Mr Ellis at Rugby School it has been tradition to have team mascots from the silly to the totally ridiculous & at the Phuket 10’s its no different and its a tradition to try and kidnap the opposition mascots and hold them for ransom with the proceeds being donated to the Asia Center Foundation Scholarship fund. 
Various mascot holders over the years have had their reputations irreparably damaged and who will always be remembered by their team mates when introduced as ” ah, the guy who lost the mascot” regardless if he went on to play internationals & it will no doubt be their epitaph when the time come.

Henley – The Cottesloe Gulls Mascot

 Having survived numerous kidnappings, both perceived and real, the latest of which was by a local Perth based Golden Oldies Club, Henley the much loved and revered mascot of the Cottesloe tourists is in training and readying himself for his annual Phuket jaunt. 

In particular he is looking forward to spending time with the Ram’s mascot Dolly although there have been some questions raised regarding his intent given recent pictures of his training regime.

Dolly The Moorabbin Rams Mascot

A misplaced holiday postcard from Dolly the Moorabbin Rams mascot has been intercepted

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by the Cottesloe Pirates in Perth. The message on the post cards mirrors the photo on the front – Having a great time on this luxury cruiser with Henley and the lovely lads from Cottesloe. I do so wish the Rams were more cultured and spent less time worrying about the “wolf” in sheep’s clothing and more time pampering me, after all I am supposed to be the future of the team and not just a lambbag. Looking forward to the 2012 boat trip, Dolly.

Rams mascot or Wolf?

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Indeed the Moorabbin Rams have suffered so many kidnappings over the years during the Phuket 10’s weekend that they now deploy decoy mascots to try and lure away would be villains from their true objective but some how it still gets captured, ransomed and abused !

Vagabonds – King Dong

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The Phuket Vagabonds have King Dong who started life as a Go Go dancer in Faulty Towers Bar under the watchful eye of vagabonds No 1 supporter Mike “Sybyl’ Spackman ( he has the trophy to prove it ! ) before deciding that becoming a full time rugby moll was far more fun

The Bangkok Bangers – Foxy

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The OLD Bangkok Bangers have Foxy & his hat. This mascot is interactive and begs to be kidnapped & threatened with sexual abuse but alas to no avail. He will however keep making himself available in the hopes of being molested. There is a rumour that he has offered to become the Rams decoy for the weekend

The Pattaya Panther

Probably the most kidnapped and ransomed team mascot in the history of team mascots. The Panther has been stolen/kidnapped on so many occasions that its now wondered whether the the panther just gets up and goes off on a Jolly whenever the Pattaya boys take the field. In some circles its rumoured that rugby tours are too tame for a Pink Panther that has grown up down the infamous walking street

Heineken have their mascots too !!

And then there is the South African Roosters mascot
Vickie !!
What more can be said……

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